About Us.

Korveda is A Global Presence with Canadian Roots

a trusted brand in manufacture, distribution and marketing of veterinary pharmaceuticals and animal health products,

Protecting animals’ health and growth starts from taking care of their feed. At Korveda, we provide solutions to maintain animal feed healthy and toxins free.

We offer farmers world-wide a broad variety of nutrition and health solutions that help them take care of their farms efficiently.

Global Manufacturing Capabilities

KORVEDA manufacturing capabilities are enviable, with 5 manufacturing facilities in 3 countries: all operating to the highest regulatory standards. We manufacture numerous dose forms, with the capacity for both sterile and non-sterile production.

KORVEDA has invested heavily in setting up the most advanced laboratories. The R & D department has highly trained and experienced personnel at various levels. We believe in continuous improvement in all aspects of our products that include the formulation, packaging, and ease of use. All products must pass through standard invitro and field trials before being included in our portfolio. Our R & D department constantly interacts with our customers to get reviews that help us better our product line.

Our signature granulation technique allows feedmills and producers to more accurately dose livestock.

More accurate dosing of antimicrobials helps producers minimize or eliminate drug residues in feed in harmony with Canada’s Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) and quality assurance initiatives. Plus, the granules produce less dust than traditional powdered additives, making them safer to handle.


With “Honesty” as purpose, develop bilateral cooperative partnership


With “Innovation” as mission, build high-end brand of veterinary drugs

Nutrition Strategies.

Korveda aims for the best results,the highest quality and improved performance, because when our customers do well, so do we! That is why we are focussed on helping our customers to advance their business through our customised nutrition strategies.
We offer tailored solutions for all types of requests

Future Roadmap

Enabling the animals
and farmers to perform
better consistently.

Ensuring our factory
productions are in order
and systematic.

Responsible sourcing of
ingredient suppliers and
sustainable partnerships.

Building employees,
customers, and
community engagement.

We're inviting you to join our animal health community.