Added Value.

 We distribute products that add value to your business and are committed to offer exceptional customer service by providing you with our team’s expertise and availability.

A Direct Connection to Our Dealers

We do business directly with manufacturers, no matter where they are in the world, thus avoiding intermediaries. This ensures an optimal control over merchandise delivery and the quality of products we distribute.

Full Traceability

Traceability is an essential part of a product’s consistency and quality, particularly in the animal feed industry. At Korveda , we give traceability the highest priority, because we are deeply convinced of its importance.

Accessible Products

We ensure our products are readily accessible to our customers. With our large inventory in our Canada and overseas warehouses, we can deliver goods in a very timely manner. Meanwhile, our safe, dry, and cool environments ensure optimal storage conditions.

Tested Products

The Korveda quality seal ensures customers always get a reliable, safe, and quality product. Products undergo a multi-step process, including one in which they are meticulously tested to ensure conformity. This quality seal is a formal commitment that we express to our customers to ensure our food additives are of the highest quality for the animal organism.

Technology and Know-How

We are constantly working to offer our customers the most beneficial products for the issues that can arise during breeding. Our know-how and high-tech equipment also allow us to select the best ingredients and importantly, the ingredients best suited to your needs.

Certified Quality

Certification against leading international safety and quality standards and strict
internal procedures.

Supplier Assessment

Continuous ingredient assessment ensures that only reliable raw materials are used in the production of products.

Monitoring & Control

Global monitoring and control systems prevent the presence of undesirable substances in our products.

Risk Management

Risk management procedures ensure an effective and professional response should the need arise.

Tracking & Tracing

Our systems guarantee rapid, efficient information flows between Korveda, our suppliers and customers.