AQUAKOR restores the soil’s fertility by energizing soil microbial activity and activating the microbial process critical for conversion of nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and sulfur into forms that can be utilized by plants. The natural, microbial activity breaks down and transforms organic, mineral, and gaseous compounds in the soil into elemental forms that provide the nutrients, vitamins, and hormones for optimal plant growth, health, vigor and productivity.

AQUAKOR is a dry or liquid, organic based, fully balanced, water soluble concentrate of humate, kelp, yucca, and extracts from fish, bird, and animal sources. The AQUAkor formulation contains greater than 30 primary and secondary elements, enzymes and co enzymes, amino acids, naturally occurring root and foliage growth promoters (Cytokinis. Auxins and Gibberellins), vitamins, carbohydrates, and essential chelated trace minerals and micronutrients which significantly enhance crop yields, plant quality, vigor, and resistance to environmental stress and pest attack.

Dilute 50-100 gm of Aquakor in at least 50 liters of pond water for 1000 cu.m of pond water.
Can be repeated 1-2 times until desired water condition.