DL Methionine®

General information
DL-methionine is used to enrich and balance the diets of cattle and to produce mixed feed, premixes, and feed additives.
DL-methionine with the digestibility of about 100 % consists of a mixture of two, D and L, stereoisomers. Animals absorb L-amino acid forms only. And if, for example, D-lysine or D-threonine cannot be used by the organism, D-methionine is metabolized into the L-form. In other words, DL-methionine contains about 50 % of absorbable L-form, and the remaining 50 % become available only after biotransformation.

White crystalline powder with specific odor

Biological effects
Methionine is an essential amino acid which plays an important role in metabolism. It is actively involved in the synthesis of tissue proteins, of a number of vitamins, hormones, and enzymes, due to the presence of a loosely-bound methyl group (-CH3), which can pass to DNA and is a versatile source of methyl groups for all nucleic acids. Furthermore, methionine affects hemoglobin synthesis directly, is required for the synthesis of adrenaline, norepinephrine, cyanocobalamin, creatinine, nicotinic acid amide, and of a number of other substances that have effects on nitrogen, carbon and fat metabolism. Along with cystine and vitamin E, it prevents fatty liver. Compared to liquid methionine hydroxy analog, digestibility of dry DL-methionine in animal body (biological effectiveness) is about 35 % higher. With methionine deficiency, the loss of appetite, anemia, muscle atrophy, fatty liver, renal dysfunction, and decreased fertility are observed in animals. The above causes low efficiency of feed utilization. Disturbances of lipid metabolism characterized by fatty infiltration and degeneration of the liver are observed. Due to its high flowability and good mixability, DL-methionine is easy to use, safe to handle and can be used at any stage of mixed feed production cycle.

DL-methionine is added to mixed feed through premix. The amount of DL-methionine added to mixed feed depends on the species and age of farm animals.
Animal products can be used without restrictions.

Safety measures
Unloading, storage and loading of feed DL-methionine should be performed in compliance with the general safety measures provided for handling chemicals. In cases of potential contact with the skin or eyes, protective equipment (rubber or plastic gloves, goggles) should be used. Hands and face should be washed before working breaks and after work. In case of contact with eyes, rinse eyes with plenty of water.

Storage conditions
Store in a dry place protected from light at the temperature below 30 °С. Shelf life is usually about 5 years.

25 kg bags

Certificate Of Analysis Of DL-Methionine

Molecular Formula


Cas Registry NO.


Chemical Name


Molecular Weight






White or light grey crystal or crystalline powder

light grey crystal




Specific Optical Rotation



PH Value



Residue On Ignition(%)



Loss On Drying(%)






Pb (mg/kg)










High Grade Product

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